What is Security Testing? Types, Techniques and Focus Area


Security Testing is a kind of software which is used to find out the weakness of the system. It is used to find that its data and resources are protected from probable intruders.


The key focus of security testing is to make our system secure from all the possible threats or vulnerabilities which may lead to loss of information or thrashing of revenue or the status of the enterprises or organizations. So that our system does not get broken and security testing will help us to find or detect such kind of problems and solving them. Now let us discuss the types of Security Testing as below:

Kinds of Security Testing

Mainly there are 8 kinds of security testing in software testing. These are discussed as follows:

  • Risk assessment: The analysis of security risks observed in the organization is done here. Risks are classified into three measures as Low, Medium, and High. to reduce the risks the Risk Assessment helps to provide the appropriate measures.
  • Ethical hacking: To expose the flaws in the security system of the enterprises/organization, the hackers attempt hacking.
  • Vulnerability scanning:  To identify vulnerability, an automated software scan is required. It can detect vulnerability against the system.
  • Security scanning: Either Manual or Automated scanning can be performed in security scanning which detects the network and system weakness. After that it will also provide the solution.
  • Security auditing: For checking the security flaws, Security Auditing is a type of internal inspection of applications and (OS) operating systems.
  • Posture assessment:  Ethical hacking and Risk assessments to signify overall security of the organization, posture assessment combines above said two security scanning.
  • Penetration Testing:   if there is an external hacking attempt, An analysis of a system to verify for the potential vulnerabilities.
  • SQL injection

SQL injection testing can be performed for brackets, commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks. The most damaging attacks are SQL injection as the attackers try to extort secret information from the server database. It must be rejected by the application when attackers enter a single quote (‘) in any text box, and the application shows a database error. It leads to the application is prone to security vulnerabilities.

Techniques for security testing

Black Box Grey Box Tiger Box
It helps to conduct vulnerabilities assessment and attacks. The tester is provided with fractional information. It is a combination of white box and black box models.


The tester has the right to perform a test on everything about the technology and the network topology


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Focus areas of security testing

Following are the four focus areas involved in security testing describing them as below:

  • Network Security: The network infrastructure is checked out here, looking for the vulnerabilities in network infrastructure.
  • Client-side Application Security:The important thing is checked out here, the client should not manipulate.
  • Server-side Application Security: The server-side is strong enough to block any vulnerability, it ensures this.
  • System Software Security: the operating system on which the software depends, It involves weaknesses of various software.


In this blog, we have discussed about security testing and its types. I hope you liked the article. If you are having any doubt ask me freely in the comment box.


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