How Ethical Hacking Performed| Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking


Ethical hacking is the topic that students always eager to learn. It creates curiosity in the minds of the students. Here in this tutorial, we will cover the Ethical Hacking procedure as well as the Advantages and disadvantages of Ethical Hacking.

How Ethical Hacking is performed?

Ethical Hacking Procedure

Step 1:  A relevant plan is needed to accomplish Ethical hacking.

Step 2: Appropriate permission from the authority is needed, after that you can move forward.

Step 3: After obtaining permission, an ethical hacker has to use all relevant filtering systems to identify the open ports of the computer system or network. It is necessary because malicious hackers can easily scan the system or network, its far better if proper filtering measures are used.

Step 4:  Now, it is time to make use of specialized tools usage by ethical hackers. He can perform specific tests. These tests are urged to perform with full accuracy and precision on the respective network as well as on the system. If done properly it would incur no damage to the system.

Step 5:  Here, an ethical hacker examines the outcome of the test performed. After that he makes all-important arrangements to encounter these attacks. Then he executes these arrangements.

Step 6: At last, he informs the respective institution about all the details which he got during testing and provide the details about security and measures and how to combat them in the future.

Advantages of  Ethical Hacking

Following are the advantages of Ethical Hacking:

  1. It recognizes easily about open and close holes in any network as well as in the computer system.
  2. It is proven as a boon for banking and financial institutions. As it provides the security and protection.
  3. Ethical hacking allows to create a system that safeguards it from any penetration done by intruders and hackers.
  4. Moreover, it works for eradicating the cyber terrorism and to work for the security of the nation from different breaches.
  5. It helps to take various security measures in case of a lost password and it helps in recovering the lost information as well.

 Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking

Following are the disadvantages of Ethical Hacking:

  1. It sometimes corrupts the files of the organization.
  2. Ethical hackers often use vital information and get out of it useful insights for malicious use.
  3. Ethical hackers are very costly. They incur high charges if any company hires them.
  4. The company’s privacy is compromised.
  5. This system is not legal.
  6. Denial of service attacks are quite common
  7. It can hamper system operation.

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Ethical hacking is a  big phenomenon. It comes up with some advantages as well as some disadvantages. It is very vital to check the security of any enterprise at regular intervals for ensuring its effectiveness. The system needs to loom and evaluated with a complete methodology as businesses and organizations work and flourish in a multifaceted situation handling security, policies, guidelines, technologies and complex communications along with the operations. For avoiding compromising the integrity of an entire institution, ethical hacking solutions should be measured and applied wisely. Here in this tutorial, we have discussed ethical hacking procedures as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Ethical hacking. If you are having any doubts, ask freely in the comment box.

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