Digital Signature| Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


Digital signature are used for verifying the authenticity as well as integrity of a documents. This has come to origin for security purposes only.The main aim is to verify authenticity, integrity, and origin of a digital document through a mathematical scheme is known as Digital Signature or Digital Signature Certificate(DSC).Now days almost in every sector either private or government one the digital signatures are also equivalent to usually handwritten signatures in several respects.

Need of Digital Signature or Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital SignaturesEveryone knows now days almost the government sector, as well as the private sector, is being computerized. So the process of applying or filing applications in these sectors is possible through their online portals.

After that these applications are answered by government or private agencies digitally through their online portals. After that they have to issue a certification (whether it is approved or rejected). Then there is a need for (Digital Signature) or (Digital Signature Certificate) DSC occurs.

Uses of Digital Signature or Digital Signature Certificate DSC :

All digital certificates or documents are imposed in PDF(Portable Document Format). DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) can be used for signing these certificates or Pdf (Portable Document Format).Signing the PDF file for TAX RETURNS (like sale tax, income tax, property tax, etc) is the most accepted example of its usage.In these digital certificates or digital documents the signing gives the assurance of the integrity of signer as well as the data which is signed. It is a kind of proof of unaltered or genuine data.

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Kinds of Digital Signature or Digital Signature Certificate DSC :

  • Approval Signatures
  • Certified Signatures
  • In-visible digital signature
  • Visible digital signature

Approval Signatures

  • The Approval signatures on a digital certificate or a digital document can be used in the enterprise’s business workflow.
  • It helps in optimizing the enterprise’s approval or refusal procedure.
  • It includes capturing approvals or refusals made by the owner or other individuals and merging them within the PDF document.
  • To include details (like the image of our physical signature, location, date, personal details & official seals, etc) with signature are allowed by Adobe.

Certified Signatures

  • To secure a digital document against tampering, adding up a certified signature to a PDF document indicates that the signing person is an authorized one.
  • A unique blue ribbon across the top of the PDF document indicates that it is a certified PDF document which contains Certified Signatures of an authorized person.
  • It also contains the name of an authorized signer and it shows the authenticity of a digital

Invisible Digital signatures

  • Invisible Digital signatures are used there, where the signer does not want to display his signature.
  • Documents having invisible digital signatures bring a visual indication of a blue ribbon in the taskbar.
  • The signer needs to indicate the authenticity, integrity, and origin of the document.

Visible Digital signatures

  • A single user or multiple users are eligible to sign a single or multiple digital certificates or digital documents in Visible Digital signatures.
  • In Visible Digital signatures, signatures would appear on the digital document similarly as signatures are applied on a physical document.

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In this article,we have discussed what is Digital signature and its types. If you are having any doubt, ask me freely in the comment box.

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