Cryptography and steganography are important aspects of network security. Network security has become a vital part of the modern communication system. The dire need for network security was arisen to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data. So as to guard it against the un-authorised access. The steganography hides the traces of communication while cryptography uses encryption to make the message unable to understand. In this article, we will discuss about the major differences between cryptography and steganography. 

So read on the full article to know the differences between cryptography and steganography.


  • Cryptography is a technique of protecting information by converting it into an unreadable format. For this the use of algorithms and mathematical concepts takes place.
  • In simple language, Secret Writing means Cryptography. This sender does not send information or message directly to the receiver.
  • Before sending a message to the receiver it is converted into coded text (by using encryption algorithm).
  • Then send it to the receiver and receiver decrypt the coded text into a message to read the original information.
  • In Cryptography, data is encrypted by using two kinds of keys:

Public Key Cryptography or (Symmetric Key Cryptography):

In this cryptography same key is helpful to encrypt or decrypt information or message.

Private Key Cryptography or (Asymmetric Key Cryptography):

In this cryptography two different kinds of keys i.e. a secret key and a public key are used which are mathematically related to each other.

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The ancient practice of hiding data (in any appearance like an image, audio or text etc.) in a simple way for another purpose is known as steganography.

  •  In this technique, the secret information is converted into a bogus message.
  •  It is less famous than cryptography.
  •   Moreover, the structure of the data could not be changed in steganography.
  •  It permits us to transfer messages without any suspicion.

Four  Kinds of Steganography are as below :

1.    Text,

2.    Image,

3.    Audio,

4.    Video

Now let us discuss the key difference between Steganography and Cryptography

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Difference between steganography and cryptography




DefinitionCover WritingSecret Writing
ObjectiveMaintaining survival of a message secret, Secret communicationMaintaining contents of a message secret, Data protection
CarrierSeveral digital mediaUsually, text-based
Input FilesAt least twoOne
Security Service OfferedAuthentication, Confidentiality, IdentificationConfidentiality, Identification, Data Integrity and Authentication Non-repudiation
Type of Attackscrutiny of a file with a target of finding whether it is a real  file or not is called SteganalysisCryptanalysis
AttacksBroken when attacker reveals that steganography has been used known as SteganalysisBroken when an attacker can understand the secret message known as Cryptanalysis
ResultStego fileCipher text
ApplicationUsed for securing information against potential eavesdroppersUsed for securing information against potential eavesdroppers
Implementation transform domain, Spatial domain,  distortion, etc.public-key encryption, private key encryption, etc.
GoalTo assist in secret communication, it conceals the occurrence of any exchange between the sender and receiver.It encrypts the contents of the visible message to save the data.
Counter StepsUse of data refining, rigid protocol specifications, observe data exchanges, carry out analyses which involve looking for structural indications of manipulationUse of reverse engineering to split difficult algorithms execute cryptography export laws which disallow the transmission of such technology or devices between countries
Concealment methodThe message which is embedded is invisible to an unaware viewerThe encrypted message which is encrypted is unreadable to everyone without the decryption key.



I hope this article works for you. In this blog, I have discussed the main difference between steganography and cryptography. The dire need for network security was arisen to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data. If you are having any doubt, ask me freely in the comment box.


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