In this article we will learn What is Dark Data? and Where dark data is used in detail? Every day millions and billions of data are generated. But only a few portions of data are utilized. According to IBM, based on their estimation almost 90% of data is never used. This data is dark data. Dark data is generally unstructured and incomplete data. Many big companies thought that they might need this kind of data in the future, but the reality is they are not using that. We people are living in the era of technology, we must aware of where that data goes? How can we harness that? Many reputed companies are using dark data for valuable insights and work on improving their performance. In this blog, we will discuss what is dark data? Where it is used?

what is dark data and it's uses
what is dark data and it’s uses

The data which is which can be gathered through different computer operations but doesn’t make any support in taking any decision is called dark data.

Basically it is unstructured digital data. It is that information which any company collects, process and even stores it but unable to discover any use out of it.

Components of dark data

  1. Traditional unstructured dark data
  2. Non-traditional unstructured dark data
  3. Data present on the deep web

Examples of dark data:

  1. Email communications
  2. All kinds of Log files that may be related to systems, servers, etc.
  3. Customer profile and full information
  4. Geo-location data
  5. Customer call records or logs
  6. Raw survey data
  7. Financial statements
  8. Old video footage
  9. Old or draft version
  10. Presentations, old documents, notes, etc.
  11. Previous employee data
  12. Youtube comments
  13. Facebook likes

Use of dark data:

Valuable insights into the Healthcare sector

As we all know, we are living in an era of big data. You might think about how unstructured data helps in the healthcare sector?  Healthcare providers can utilize dark data by collecting customer’s information via social media posts, news and political events, their habits and many more things. This method will assist healthcare providers in managing healthcare in a better way from a population perspective and individual perspective.

Dark data in Market basket analysis

Dark data helps a  lot in customer retention. As we all know, during the purchase of items, some free products are offered. What retailers do actually? They start analyzing the behavior of their customer. After that, they start offering them free things and in some cases, similar items are grouped. They do so, as they want their customer can purchase the items together. Due to this, customer retention is maintained and the retailer will get profit out of it. They work on analyzing customer behavior by knowing their buying pattern. From where are they can do so? It is due to dark data.


Dark data can be used wisely. You should need to understand what is missed in it and how you can make use of it to achieve better performance. You need to work on knowing how this dark data can be transformed into valuable insights. In this blog, we have discussed What is dark data? Where it is used? If you feel any doubt, ask freely in the comment section.


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