What is Big Data? Challenges of Big Data


Big Data’s concept is not new. It has been around for years. But from the last 4-5 years, it is evolving. Many organizations have realized that Big data provides them relevant business insights. They after applying insights can achieve great results from this. Whereas a few years ago,  a business would have collected all data and information, apply analytics and discovered information. Moreover, this information could be used for future decisions. Big Data Analytics delivers a nearly never-ending source of business and informational insight, that can lead to operational progress and new opportunities for companies to provide unrealized revenue across almost every industry. In this tutorial, I will discuss the challenges of big data. Firstly know what is big data and analytics of the big data.

What is Big data & Big data Analytics?

“The process of gathering, organizing and analyzing data which is very large in volume so that to discover relevant information out of it is called Big data.” Moreover how analysis of this information is performed to take relevant business decisions is called Big Data analytics.

Challenges of Big Data are:-

  1. Need For Management Across Dissimilar Data Sources

As data sets these days are becoming highly voluminous and more diverse, there is a big challenge to include them in an analytical stage. If this is unnoticed, this will not be able to generate relevant results.

  1. Lack of Professional people Who know Big Data Analytics

The analysis of data is very much needed. To create these huge chunks of data productive. Due to the exponential rise of data, a huge demand for big data scientists and Big Data analysts is very much needed. It is significant for different business establishments to hire a data scientist. having skills of R, Python and Analytics. But these professionals are lacking. Only a few people are having the caliber of understanding of Big data analytics. Many organizations are giving training to their interns of data science and data analysis. So it would be helpful for organizations in the future.

  1. Achieving correct business insights out of Big Data

Business organizations need to achieve essential insights from Big Data analytics.  Some relevant tools are needed that helps in analyzing data. But due to lacking professionals the knowledge of tools is not known to the people.

  1. Management of Voluminous data

It is hardly astonishing that data is increasing with every passing day. It means there is a dire need for managing business data daily. The most tricky question is how to manage such huge data? This is one of the major challenges of Big data.

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5. Quality of Data

Not simply data but quality data is needed. So achieving that, it is better to clean, verify and validate the data. Companies only focuses to store data without considering the quality of the data. Wrong or contaminated data can harm business decisions. For achieving this goal you need to focus on:You need to do make business rules for doing data clean and preparation.Second, figure out which data is not up to mark and do set up data cleansing automation.

  1. Storage issues

Business organizations are increasing at a rapid speed. With the wonderful growth of the companies and large business organizations, an immense volume of data is generated regularly every hour every minute and every second. The storage of this massive amount of data is a real challenge. Although, popular data storage options like data lakes/ warehouses are generally used to gather and store large quantities of unstructured and structured data in its native format.The main issues come when a data warehouse try to association unstructured and inconsistent data from miscellaneous sources. As it encounters errors. Moreover, it also has missing data as well as logic conflicts which for sure degrade the quality of the data.

  1. Security And Privacy Of Data

Security is considered as a big concern for large scale organizations.  It is not viable to make the security of the Big data.However, most organizations think that their data protection or security methods are pretty good. That means these fulfill their Big data requirements as well. However, some efficient methods are needed for the security of Big data.

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To overcome these Big Data challenges in the companies and large organizations, a corporate training program in Big Data should be organized by the business owners and managers. In this tutorial, I have discussed the challenges of big data. If you are having any doubt, ask freely in the comment box.



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