Top career paths in machine learning are Data Scientist, Machine learning Engineer, NLP Scientist, Software Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer. We will discuss all these career paths in machine learning in this article. So that you can get a clear view about the top jobs and salary after machine learning.

Machine learning enables “computer” to learn by themselves from past data without human interference. Machine learning the demand of the society, everything in the world today needs automation. In the past few years’ machine learning has taken so much growth.According to reports machine learning offers approx.  $146,090 salary annually. This is the entirely the game of algorithms, selecting algorithms merely depends upon the type of the task.Building career in machine learning is not only so rending these days but also a need of hour. So here are some career opportunities that machine learning can provide.

career in machine learning jobs
career in machine learning jobs

Data Scientist

You can become data scientist if you conversant with statistics, computer science and mathematics.There some skills that are must for achieving data scientist title. You must aware about these skills like data warehousing and structures, data mining, Programming , Machine learning techniques and data Visualisation.  Choosing a career in data science opens so many doors for you and you will achieve a lot more skills by learning it.Data scientist earns average salary ranging between $95000 to $128750 per annum.

Machine learning Engineer

Machine learning engineer is one who performs various learning experiments based on Python,R and Java with undefined libraries. Some major requirements needed to be machine learning engineer are Data Modeling , System design ,programming  and probability . A Machine Learning Engineer part will be design and develop some prototypes for successful execution of some applications.According to statistics machine learning engineer approximately earns $100957 annually in United States.

Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence developer is an engineer that holds the responsibilities of developing and deploying.In this tools for query, visualization of data and ad hoc reporting is included.The main role of business intelligence engineer is to develop data into knowledge. He is the person who create tools like OLAP cubes for storing data.The average estimated salary of business intelligence developer is $101298 approx. annually.

Software Engineer

In Machine learning courses  students ought to write source code and programs, if there is presence of any bug software engineer detects it by performing testing on it.Customer satisfaction is considered as utmost priority in every field.So as we all are aware that without appropriate knowledge of coding a system can’t build.Software engineers are the ones who run system with customer command and without their intervention machine learning is not possible.The possible ranging salary of software engineers are ranging between $104000-$154000 approx. per annum.

NLP Scientist

Building career in machine learning is not so problematic task these days.Some appropriate skills are required.So the question is who is NLP scientist? What are the various responsibilities performed by him? NLP scientist is natural language programming scientist .So the main task of NLP scientist is to create that kind of machines which can learn patterns of speech and also provide aids in translation of spoken words into different languages.Main skills needed for NLP scientist is that he should be conversant in spelling and grammar checking and moreover he should aware regarding machine learning .NLP scientist earns approx. salary of $30000-$50000 per annum.

Machine Learning is the trendy concept till date, it provides you various career choices. Machine Learning is the fastest going employment job these days. Choosing a desirable career path in machine learning is very much needed to dwell and to achieve growth. For making career in machine learning the main thing is to stay up-to-date about current trends in the field of machine learning. For the students it is so beneficial if they opt machine learning and data science course they can build their career in machine learning as well as in other interrelated fields.


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