Are you looking for free essays? Well, even if somebody tells you that there are no free papers, don’t trust them. Of course, free essays exist, however, they cannot be used as ready homework. Yep, we are talking about those free essay samples that are provided to give the potential clients an idea about the company’s quality.

However, if you believe that these English tasks that are already published online are useless, you aren’t right. For example, have a look at the examples on They could be used as the best essays that can be used even for essay contests if not the plagiarism issue. However, you still can use them for your own writing practice.

For that, select the English tasks and tests and check which of them can be useful for you. Every such paper can be a great helper, a good guide in the writing process. You don’t even need to read numerous books about writing techniques, programs, and similar. You can see everything in the work already and practice with the available materials.

If you have enough time and want to learn how to write, a website of a good company, something like, can serve as some help to get acquainted with the examples and try to write something based on an example that suits you most. If you find a perfectly written paper, you can analyze it and make your own conclusions. No book can describe to you the writing process better than you can do it. No copy writing courses are needed, just find the needed time and be patient.

Even though such a thing as free essay writing service doesn’t exist, but you can analyze the free essays that are available on the websites of your preferred writing companies, can be one of them. Check the topics. Are there some that can help you? Have a look at the first paragraphs. If it is something that you would like to use, check the structure.

Does it have the usual parts that an essay should have? Those are an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion. How can you identify them? Can you distinguish one from another at all?

Leave your idea to buy free essays and check which expressions the writer uses to express feelings, compare, contrast, and similar. These things can be your best writing tutor. Write down everything that is worth your attention, make new samples, and, finally, write your own paper.

Free Essay Samples to Get an Idea about the Quality

Of course, sometimes, you cannot use all the tips given above. Sometimes, even tutorials cannot help, especially if there are a lot of tasks and students don’t have time even to have rest. In such cases, and they aren’t rare, professional service is needed.

So, select a couple of web sites or professional writing companies, such as, and compare them:

  • Check every review that you can find about a company online. If there are complaints, make sure you can face the described problems;
  • Make sure the company uses the most advanced software to protect your financial and private information. Otherwise, a different service provider is needed;
  • Every reliable company uses special tools to check whether the paper is plagiarized or not. Anyway, you can even test the paper on your own, there are many plagiarism checkers online;
  • Even though such companies don’t provide any courses, but their specialists are always willing to help if a client has some questions. By the way, most companies hire specialists from the UK and the USA and other countries.

Only after you have checked all and are happy with everything, you can place your order.


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