In this article Ruby vs Python we will learn Top 21 Differences between Ruby and Python. Every programming language has different uses. To stay connected with the coding field, programming is a must. Many new programming languages are launched. In this blog, we will discuss the differences between python and ruby. Here we will go to narrate your top differences between python and ruby.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a clean object-oriented programming language. It is a dynamic open-source language that has a vast group of people behind it. Ruby encourages developers to write software code firstly for humans and secondly for computers.

Ruby is considered similar to Smalltalk and Perl programming languages. Ruby runs on all kinds of platforms like windows, mac os, and all versions of Unix.

What is python?

Python is a popular programming language. It was produced by guido van Rossum and released in 1991. It is used for web development (server-side), software development, system scripting mathematics. Python is easy to learn which reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports packages and modules, which encourages program modularity and code’s reuse ability.

 Top differences between Ruby and Python are:-





DefinitionRuby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Ruby is dynamically typed and uses garbage collectionPython is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.
YearCreated in 1995 by Yukihiro MatsumotoCreated in 1991 by guido van Rossum
Object-oriented programmingFully object-oriented programming language.Not fully object-oriented programming language.


Plenty of features out of the box for web development

Quick to hold new things


It is easy to learn

With big ties to Linux and academia



Innovates quicker but causes more things to break

Very web-focused


Very stable and diverse but innovates slower

Used widely in academia and Linux

Web frameworks


David Heinemeier Hansson started

Ruby on rails- in 2005

Simon Willison & Adrian holiday started Django-in  2003
ConsIt can be hard to debug at times


It is often very explicit and inelegant to read
Companies deployment













National geographic

The Washington Post

ReadabilityIt can be very hard to debug at timesIt is very explicit and elegant to read
TypeRuby is a general-purpose programming language.Python is a high-level programming language.
Community sizeSmallLarge
Web casesFewMuch
PopularityIt is not as much popular than pythonIt is more popular
Used forRuby is used for functional programming and web development.Python mainly used for academic and scientific programming.
ModulesIt has functions.It has methods.
ScopeIt will be present in the symbol table as long as a variable in scope.When a variable is set, you can’t unset it back.
FunctionIt supports only a single line lambda function.Its lambda functions are larger.
InheritanceIt supports single inheritance.It supports multiple inheritances
LibraryIt has a smaller library than python.It has a larger range of libraries.
CharacteristicsThe most vital characteristics of ruby are: expressive, efficient, elegant, and powerful.The most vital characteristics of python are conservative, code readability, speedy, and efficient.
UsersThe companies using ruby are Hulu, Basecamp, GitHub, and Airbnb, etc.The companies using python are youtube, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, dropbox.
Tiboe ratingAccording to tiboe rating of a ruby, language is 11According to tiboe rating of python is 3
Ruby community is very stable and but innovates slower.Python community is web-focused and innovative.
Learning curveRuby has a stiff learning curve.Python has a simple learning curve.
Average salaryThe average salary for a ruby developer is high as compared to python developerThe average salary for a python developer is less as compared to the ruby developer

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From the above discussion, it is evident that both programming languages have their value. It depends on the project size and complexity of which language to choose? Python is much simpler and easier for beginners where ruby is not as simple as python. Ruby encourages developers to write software code firstly for humans and secondly for computers. In this blog we have discussed 21 differences between ruby and python. If you are having any doubt feel free to ask me in the comment box.


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