Digital marketing is the hottest topic in the market these days. Marketing earlier was so vague, digital marketing has brought evolution to the world, people start learning digital marketing to become knowledgeable and sustain in the market. A digital marketing company in Dubai, US, Canada is growing so fast and has achieved a lot of success. These companies give full exposure to learning. Before explaining the  7 types of digital marketing that you should learn in 2021, firstly we will explain what is digital marketing.

learn digital marketing
learn digital marketing

Digital marketing is the process of advertising via an online medium to promote goods and services.

Here we will explain 7 types of digital marketing that you should learn in 2021

  1. Search Engine Optimization

The process of optimizing online content so that more and more organic traffic comes from different search engines such as Google. What it does exactly, it phrases inside our content according to customer searches in the search engine bar. SEO algorithms keep on changing according to user needs. Ranking on the search engine depends on the high rank on SERP.

Advantages of SEO

  • It improves the quantity of organic search.
  • It improves the quality of organic research.
  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered as one of the most vital types of digital marketing. As we all know if there is no content then what will be published? So every single company implements content fuels for their digital campaigns. Content marketing is nothing but creating relevant content for various marketing campaigns so that the number of site visitors increases. Sometimes content marketing is done for some other purposes such as entertainment, education, etc. Content can be in any form from a blog to e-books and even videos.

Advantages of content marketing

  • It will lead customers towards a smart purchase.
  • Customer trust is build up.
  1. Affiliate Marketing

The market in which the earning commission persists if we promote other companies’ products. In some terms, there is an affiliate who selects products of his choice on the online portal and sells that product and earn a commission from that. Generally from the last 3-4 years affiliate marketing is done by big YouTubers and Instagrammers who have a maximum number of followers. This marketing is successful if there is the right affiliate or influencer who is there who is going to elevate your sales to the next level.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

  • Includes no upfront cost.
  • The marketing workload is reduced.


  1. SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is the way of business in the market via advertisements that are paid that appear on SERP. These advertisements generally are known as pay-per-click ads. These are capable of bringing traffic to search engines. In pay-per-click whenever there is any click on the ads that should be charged by search engines. Advantages of SEM :

  • Increase targeted audience.
  • Increase brand reputation
  • High return on investment.
  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the marketing in which social handles or social media are involved in marketing for business. There are a lot of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok which can be used for promoting products and services. Various business uses Facebook and Instagram to drive more and more traffic.

Advantages of social media marketing are

  • Enhance website traffic.
  • Improving brand reputation
  • Increase brand association.
  1. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is that marketing in which any social media platform is deployed for promoting the goods and services. It can be anything from a viral message to a viral video. Viral marketing is not strategically done sometimes the things go viral by chance due to its popularity or great audience number who tends to visualize the services again and again.

Advantages of viral marketing:

  • It has cost-effective.
  • Gains a lot of traffic.
  • Cheapest marketing
  • It can save time.
  1. E-mail Marketing

The marketing which involves sending a commercial message to the number of people that can be in groups or lists. This marketing focuses on sending those messages that involve sending advertisements, donations or requests business.E-mail marketing tends to grasp a lot of customers as messages are sent in groups. It emphasis customers buying something on a single click of e-mail.

Advantages of e-mail marketing

  • Cheaper in nature hence it is cost-effective.
  • Customer behavior is known by the aid of this marketing.
  • Loyalty is built by this.

In this blog we have discussed 7 types of digital marketing that you should learn in 2021. These types of digital advertising are prevalent these days. Digital media advertising platform or type of digital media should be selected with the planning strategy. It is up to you which category of digital marketing goes well with you. There are a lot many things that should be kept in mind before digital advertising that are customer feedback and most importantly customer behavior. Other things that can impact the rate of digital advertising are visibility and that can be achieved through boosting up SEO.


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