Technical companies these days give preferences in hiring the one who possesses digital marketing skills, the demand of the people is expert in this field is increasing day by day as companies need advertising of their services and that can be achieved by digital marketing only. The digital marketing field is always evolving. Digital marketing has changed the perspective of marketing. Building a career in digital marketing offers you diverse options. Every company now working these days working so hard to improve their ranking by improving its visibility, this can be possible due to digital marketing. Learning digital marketing opens so many doors for you. According to the Bureau of labor statistics there will almost increase in growth by 10% between the year 2016-2026 for advertising and promotional activities. Average salaries of digital marketing managers ranging between INR 7,50,000 – INR 1,20,000 per annum. In this blog, we will represent 13 tips to start a career in digital marketing in 2020

  1. Learn the tactics
  2. Create an online presence
  3. Grab certifications and specializations
  4. Build your links
  5. Keep yourself updated
  6. Be Knowledgeable
  7. Learn Programming skills
  8. Always try to do the experiment
  9. Build a strong resume
  10. Use social media platforms
  11. Work as an intern
  12. Enroll in the digital marketing community
  13. Never give up

Learn the tactics

Digital marketing is a constantly changing field. You may lack behind if you are not constantly learning the trending things of digital marketing. The main thing in learning digital marketing is to keep calm and set your goals. Don’t feel afraid for trying out new things. Learning increases your potential to a great extent so always be motivated and keep learning the new things.

Create an online presence

It is a mandate in the market of the digital world that you should build your online presence. This goal can be accomplished by establishing your name on some websites, create your blog or you can be the freelance content creator. These things might help in building up your portfolio, it can hence increase your visibility and you can be the first choice of recruiters.

Grab specializations and  certifications

There are a lot of sites that are offering free or paid specializations in Digital Marketing along with certifications. It is not a bad idea to get enroll in any of the digital marketing specializations and achieve a certificate. Specializations allow you to stand separate from the crowd and you can be the first preferences of various recruiters. Moreover specializations in digital marketing not only increase your knowledge but also make you familiar with digital marketing.

Build your links

This is not just adding more and more people on your social media platforms rather it focuses on getting in touch with people who are good at digital marketing who knows how to stay in online marketing. You can regularly follow their updates and can grab the knowledge which they are having. Many big bloggers, content creators and YouTubers worked so hard to achieve a milestone in their career. Keep yourself in touch with them as it can be proven as a boon for you.

Keep yourself updated

Digital marketing companies are continuously changing. This field is full of upcoming opportunities. For achieving this,  create building the projects that will provide more exposure to you.  Hence it can be proven as your recognized entity and you will be noticed by recruiters.

Be Knowledgeable

Digital marketing offers you a wider domain. There are almost more than 8 types of digital marketing. You have the full privileged to choose any of them and get expert knowledge on it. Little knowledge of every domain may or may not support you in the long run  but mastery in one domain can take you so far. So it’s far better to achieve adequate and relevant knowledge in one domain rather than a little bit knowledge of other domains. If in the earlier stage you achieve master-level skills no one can stop you in exploring other digital marketing domains as well.

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Learn Programming skills

Learn programming skills
Learn programming skills

Programming skills plus knowledge of online marketing can do wonders. Programming skills here doesn’t mean you should go up to mastery level but you should keep yourself updated with the knowledge of HTML5 and CSS that provides benefits to your journey of becoming a digital marketing expert.

Always try to do an experiment

Digital marketing is not a cup of tea for every beginner. You should need to become experimental in it. Without experimental implementation your journey will not be accomplished.

Build a strong resume

Get set your resume ready with all your achievements is another tip to establish a career in digital marketing. Grab various online courses on digital marketing and add it to the resume. This will be count as your plus point if your resume is strongly built.

Use social media platforms

Use different social media platforms as it keeps you aware of the latest happening in the market. Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, quora and twitter help you a lot in engaging different people.

Work as an intern

work as an intern
work as an intern

Working as an intern opens a lot of doors for you. You might aware of the fact that you will not get the desired job in one go in Digital marketing. Having some prior experience can help you a lot with this. So the best option is to seek good opportunities as fresher, start working free for foundations, write as a guest blogger and many more things you can do. These things firstly build your resume, secondly, you become informative and last but not the least you become responsible.

Enroll in the digital marketing community

The digital marketing community regularly updated you with the latest trends in the market. This provides you various opportunities regarding attending seminars, workshops where you would able to learn a lot of things.

Never give up

People often feel dejected or demotivated when they don’t get results instantly. This is the biggest mistake. You should keep moving and pursue your passion for digital marketing. It will take time but the result you get through it, will be fruitful.

The digital marketing industry is growing with leaps and bounds. Digital marketing is the hottest topic on the search engines these days. In this blog 13 tips to start a career in digital marketing in 2020 are represented. If you are having any query feel free to ask in the comment section.


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