Role of virtualization in cloud computing is very important. Virtualization helps to use the single system separately by multiple users. The process of creating a virtual server for providing service devices, various infrastructure, and computing resources is called virtualization. It changes the hardware and software need depending upon the functionality of the organization. In this blog, we will discuss the role of virtualization in cloud computing.

role of virtualization in cloud computing
role of virtualization in cloud computing

Types of virtualization in cloud computing:

  • Server virtualization
  • Data virtualization
  • Hardware virtualization
  • Storage virtualization

Server virtualization: In server virtualization software is installed directly on the server system. It is used to divide the physical server into so many servers that it can be done on a demand basis. It also helps in balancing the load. It is also stated that server virtualization is a way of serving too many resources with the help of this software server administrator divided one physical server into multiple servers.

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Data Virtualization: In data virtualization abstractions of different technical details are used.  It relies on the principle of connecting, combine and consume.

Hardware virtualization is a kind of server platform .it is flexible to use the virtual machine instead of using different physical machines. In hardware virtualization, the virtual machine installs the hardware system and it has hypervisor in which is used to monitor basic process memories and other hardware resources when the hardware virtualization processes complete the user can install a different kind of operating system and he or she can use the application he wants to assess.

Storage virtualization is a process of combining various kinds of physical storage devices and that can access different multiple network storage devices. As it can behave like a single storage device it is also implemented by using different kinds of storage applications. It is mainly done for doing the backup and recovery processes.

Benefits of Virtualization:

Flexible data transferThe data transferring process becomes easier with virtualization as it supports data transfer with no limit scenario. This data can be easily retrieved whenever required.
Ease in data retrievalRetrieving the data by using the cloud becomes easier by virtualization.
EconomicalIt is more economical as it needs not any extra cost. It reduces the extra cost that will incur for buying hardware and software
Eliminates the risk of getting failureDuring working on a normal system, pc might crash out. Data can’t be retrieved. But in the cloud, it is more safe and easy to retrieve.
Reduce workloadThe third-party provider makes the installation of Hardware and software
Overhead cost reductionDatacenter, hardware, maintenance cost is reduced.
MultisharingCloud gives the privilege of multi sharing.


Shortcomings of virtualization:

AvailabilityEvery time it is not necessary, that connection is maintained. Due to some technical faults, the chances server may not be available. That can create issues.
Scalability issuesDevices are unable to extend sometimes.
Implementation costImplementation cost exceeds the limit in some cases that makes it not good to use.
Security issuesAs data is over the cloud, if you are using the public cloud. Chances are more than your data can come under security threat. Sometimes using a private cloud is not viable.

Use of Virtualisation in Industries:

  1. Manufacturing: Virtualisation plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry as it is responsible for providing global supply chains and improve the utilization of IT resources.
  2. Healthcare: Electronic health care records are categorized here. By using that doctors easily update the patient details. Also, they can make use of it whenever they want.
  3. Education: These days many schools are working on clouds, to improve better lab facilities.


Cloud works very efficiently in some cases. But as we know the things which have advantages, also have disadvantages as well. Many big industries are implementing virtualization to fulfilling their industry needs. In this blog we have discussed the role of virtualization in cloud computing. If you are having any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment box.


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