Artificial Intelligence uses in Everyday life


Artificial Intelligence uses in Everyday life are increasing day by day. As scientists developing new AI techniques and trying to implement in the applications of day to day use. Technology is progressing and this can be possible due to the advent of AI. Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days it has to impact our lives to a great extent. It has given us so many facilities that make our life easy and better. From every area of our lives whether we have to read the mails on getting directions or searching anything on Google, AI is everywhere. In this blog we will discuss the uses of artificial intelligence uses everyday lives.

  1. Artificial intelligence in email

    Artificial intelligence in email
    Artificial intelligence in email

Smart Email Filters

In Gmail, artificial intelligence has provided the facility of making our inbox authentic. There are the categories of emails that are primary, social, promotions, updates, forums and spams. The feature in it mainly helps us to organize emails so that we can perform important communication on time. For example Gmail has provided the facility to sort our messages into categories and send the spam mail into the different folder.

Replies are smart in emails like in Gmail

Have you ever seen that we send any message to someone and it start giving suggestions like Thank you, let’s do it, please find the attachment this can be possible due to the smart replies are added in the content of every email? Users just need to type the simple response and suggestions are showing regarding the other text for example suppose if you are sending any message to your senior you have to write down thanks it shows you thanks and regards this can be possible due to the advantage of AI  in Gmail.

  1. AI is giving directions

Daily we need to travel to some places so we don’t know the route of the desired place. AI helps us a lot in going from one place to another it has provides us Google Maps that find a route to our destination. Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in finding direction based on the routes and help us to go to reach a particular place where which we want to go in very little time.

  1. AI in recommendations

    AI in online shopping
    AI in online shopping

AI in online shopping

Artificial intelligence helps in improving the experience at various online stores. We are using Amazon and other online platforms to buy the things so what Amazon does? It starts giving us suggestions based on our previous buying behavior. This recommendation is done by AI.

AI in music recommendations

Artificial intelligence also helps us in giving music recommendations as you listen to romantic music for a week it starts giving you the suggestion of romantic music, again and again, For example, Spotify is one of the apps that shows you new releases, the favorite old songs based upon your listening. So Google Play also helps in the personalization of music recommendations. It is based on examining the suggestions and provide a song based on our mood. For example, there is  26 January you have started listening to the patriotic song, it gives you the suggestion of Patriotic song the entire day.

  1. AI in Banking

    AI in Banking
    AI in Banking

Artificial intelligence is so helpful in the banking system as it provides high security to our transactions and it helps in detecting different kinds of fraud.AI is behind all the scenarios. Suppose you make any purchase, before debiting the money from your card it sends you OTP. If you are a genuine user, you entered the correct OTP, payment will be debited. Otherwise transaction can’t be processed.

  1. AI in mobile phones

    AI in mobile phones
    AI in mobile phones

Most of the people after waking up check their phones first. AI has provided security in terms of face lock. It makes the use of several machine learning algorithms. These algorithms help out in scanning and comparing your face with the already stored image. It checks the authenticity.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in searches

It is so helpful in doing searches when we write anything on Google search engines it starts showing you different suggestions just take an example digital marketing courses it starts showing you various things that digital marketing courses in India, digital marketing courses 2020 and various things.

It is shown in this way as these are the predictive searches that Google collects about you depending upon your age, location and other personal details. With the help of AI Google searches engines attempt to make a guess what you are trying to find out. Different Google algorithms also help you to give a relevant answer to the top of the first page. Suppose you ever ask the question what are the statistics of digital marketing in India? What does it do?  It starts showing you the best answer at the top of the page. The main purpose of the Google algorithm is to provide the best possible answer to the query of the user it makes the use of artificial intelligence to do this.


Artificial Intelligence is not just confined to small applications. It has brought several changes in our daily lives. In this blog, we have discussed Artificial Intelligence uses in Everyday lives. If you are having any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment box.


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