What is Java Programming?A Beginner’s Guide To Java, its Application, its Featues


Numerous programming languages are prevalent these days. Many students are learning different programming languages to improve their coding skills. Today we will discuss Java programming language. The demand for this programming language is never-ending.

Many new languages have come to existence but still Java is equally popular. When I was in my college days, my favorite was Java. Still, I want to learn more in Java. Java is a versatile and platform-independent language that makes it good to learn. These days Java is added in the school syllabus as well and it is good that school students are acquiring the knowledge of Java. You can start learning from basic Java which is called CORE JAVA. After that, you can switch to advanced Java.

In schools, CORE JAVA concepts are taught. In this article, I will discuss a brief about Java. So read on the full article to know about Java Programming

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented, class-related language, it consists of JVM. JVM is a java virtual machine, the core of Java. This is a platform-independent language and can run on multiple platforms.

Java is Concurrent where you can perform many statements instead of sequentially executing it. The working of the Java is Class-based and an object-oriented programming language. It follows the principle of WORA( “Write once, run anywhere”). It means it tends to run the compiled code on all platforms which support java. The main purpose of Java is to develop applications.

History of Java

Java is a programming language, It is developed by James Gosling with other team members named Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton. This team is known as Green Team in 1995 for Sun Microsystems.

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What are the Various Applications of Java Programming language?

Java has a lot of application areas. Due to its popularity and even the advent of new programming languages still, people are mad about learning Java.

Retail Sector

Billing is the most important aspect in retail and the billing applications that you see in a store/restaurant are completely written in Java.

Banking Sector

 Java applications are developed for supporting and dealing with transaction management in the banks.


These days we are seeing various apps on play store, do you know for making that app you need to know Android and the coding of Android is written in Java. If you know Java then you can learn Android easily. Applications are either written in Java or use Java API.

Financial services

For providing aid to the server-side applications.

Information Technology

 Java is intended to solve implementation dependencies.

Stock market

All the algorithms are written in Java that supports stock marketing.

Big Data

The framework of big data that is Hadoop MapReduce framework has made/written using Java Programming.

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Features  of Java Programming language

Portable:  The main benefit of Java is that it is platform-independent, which makes it favorite among all other programming languages. Platform independent means any application written on one platform can be easily ported to another platform.

Simple:  Like in C++ the pointers are so irritating and complicated as well but Java has made life easier by eliminating all the difficulties such as pointers, operator overloading in different programming languages.

Secured:  The bytecode procedure is used here. All the code is transformed in bytecode after compilation, which is not decipherable or readable by a human. It allows us to develop virus-free, tamper-free systems/applications

Object-oriented: Java uses the concept of objects. Everything is measured to be an “object” which owns some state, behavior and all the processes are performed using these objects.

 Distributed:  HDFS, the framework of big data is created with Java, and This language provides a feature that helps to create distributed applications. You can access files by calling the methods from any machine on the internet.

Dynamic: Here memory gets saved and it is not wasted. Because  It can familiarize with a developing atmosphere that provisions dynamic memory allocation due to which memory wastage is condensed and the performance of the application is augmented.

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In this blog, I have shared information regarding the java programming language. I hope all of your doubts are cleared. If still you face any difficulty, ask me in the comment box.


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