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Google changes its ranking algorithms frequently. In addition, it considers several factors to rank websites. One of the vital factors it considers is website security. You might follow all the SEO rules, but if you did not make the shift from HTTP to HTTPS, your website’s going to be ranked lower compared to others. Moreover, an SSL certificate can help you make that transformation. It enables search engines to verify your digital site’s authenticity. It also assists you in creating an enhanced user experience. This article outlines how SSL certificates can boost your rankings.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. These certificates verify the authenticity of websites and help establish a secure and encrypted connection. They generate an encrypted link between web servers and browsers to protect users from security risks.

According to a recent report on cyber security, over 46 million businesses use SSL to safeguard against cyber threats. It shows how companies take SSL certifications seriously and try to keep hackers from stealing their confidential data.

It is essential to update SSL certificates to ensure the highest security level. Expired certificates are like a gateway for hackers to access your data and demand ransom for the same. SSL certificates are available at a cheap prices and SMBs should go with such SSL certificates like RapidSSL certificate, Comodo SSL certificate, Thawte SSL certificate, etc.

SerpWatch aggregated data regarding top security concerns concerning SSL certification. They are as follows:

  • Cyber attacks due to compromised or expired certificates — 65%
  • Business disruption due to certificate outages — 56%
  • Compliance violations — 43%

There are three types of SSL certificates:

  • Single Domain: Establishes a secure connection for a single domain only.
  • Wildcard: Verifies authenticity of a single domain and its subdomains.
  • Multi-Domain: Protects multiple domains you own and lists them on a single certificate.

Cybersecurity risks are on the rise. Investing in SSL certificates is vital.

SSL Benefits for SEO:

Google keeps security as its top priority. They included website security in their search engine algorithms as an important factor in ranking websites. High-quality content is not enough for your online business to rank on SERP. You need a secure connection too.

With Chrome 68, Google started flagging unsecured websites (sites without SSL certification). So now, when users mistakenly click on risky websites, Google generates an alert page notifying them that their connection is not safe. In addition, most of the users do not visit such unsafe websites.

SSL certificates have several benefits to boost your SEO rankings, and we have highlighted some below.

Increase Rank:

Google announced that they are trying to adjust their indexing system to find HTTPS pages — they will use HTTPS as a ranking factor now. This is even more reason to invest in an SSL certificate.

Will you visit an unsafe website? We bet not! SSL certificates enable you to establish a secure connection and build trust in Google’s eyes. They will not immediately rank your website first, but they aid you in elevating your rank.

According to a MOZ poll, 17.24% of websites implemented SSL, 24.90% are planning to invest, and 57.85% have no plans. Another survey by Quantcast observed that 1.9% of websites that rank on the first-page use HTTPS to keep users’ data safe from cyber anomalies.

Cloud Tec, a web agency, switched to the HTTPS version and experienced an increase in keyword ranking and overall visibility. Nevertheless, remember, high-quality content is still the heart of SEO. Pair quality content and SSL together — you will find your website listed on the first page of SERP.

Secure Platform, More Trust:

Today, even users are careful while accessing information over the web. Because web browsers alert them about unsafe sites, they refrain from visiting such sites, and Google redirects them to a more secure site. If you already have an SSL certificate, users will spend time on your website. It will also help increase the average session duration.

Web browsers contain certification details. So, users can recertify if your site is secure or not. They need to click on the lock icon at the URL to access certification information. When they know your website is closed, they can scroll through your site without worrying about cyber attackers stealing their data.

Traffic and Conversion Rate:

Organic traffic is significant for your business to flourish. In addition, traffic will only increase if your people think your website’s safe, and SSL helps you achieve that safe status. With your site secure, users will not defect from your online site, increasing traffic as well as conversion rate.

Once you love a brand, you become loyal to it. The same happens in the world of online business. Once visitors feel your website provides a secure connection, they will surely return, turning leads into consumers.

SSL helps you increase your website’s trustworthiness. When search engines detect users regularly visiting your website, they will boost your rankings.

Enhanced User Experience:

When you read the Meta title and description, you want to read the information. However, when such messages show up, it can irk users, resulting in poor user experiences. According to a recent study, over 84% of users leave the website when they cannot find certification details or when the web browser displays an insecure connection page.

SSL certificates make sure visitors know that the site is safe. No insecure message = secure site. If you want to attract potential target audiences, SSL certificates are your best bet.

Tie-breaker for Two Similar Websites:

If you and another business owner have a website covering similar categories, Google will select the one that is secure by an SSL certificate. These certificates act as a tiebreaker while ranking two equivalent digital sites.

According to recent data, 40% of organic search results include at least one HTTPS digital site. It was in 2015 when Google decided to rank similar sites using this SSL certification factor. If both websites possess an SSL certificate, Google will rank based on other factors like content quality, backlinks, images, link juice, and comprehensiveness.

Wrapping It Up

Now that we know how SSL certificates are beneficial in increasing your Google rankings, it is time to invest in one. Nevertheless, do not just buy the certificate from the first vendor you have set your eyes on. You need to consider several factors like the type of certificate, level of validation, pricing considerations, number of domains you must protect, customer support options, and warranty period.

To save time evaluating multiple vendors, we suggest you try SSL certificate. This certificate relies on standard technology to encrypt data between a web browser and servers. We outlined how SSL can boost your image in the eyes of search engines. So, do not wait and get an SSL certificate today.

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