How Engineering Students Make Money Online While Studying?


Many Engineering students find their way to grab extra earning during their studies. Students residing in hostels or PG, want to make money online that can assist them in fulfilling their basic needs. Indeed, there is no doubt that their parents are sending money to them but having an extra source of income would be appreciated. This source not only adds skill but also adds a sense of responsibility to the students. Earn money online while studying give them financial freedom. Several ways can make you more skillful as well as help you in getting some handsome amount. In this article, I will discuss the ways how engineering students make money online while studying.

Freelancing- Best Way to make money online

When you are not associated with any company, but you are doing business of your own at your flexibility. There are varied services that you can provide to the companies by sitting at home. Freelancing is very much popular these days. Also, the COVID19 pandemic has increased the demand for freelancing. Many companies need people for their projects. While studying, you can opt for various freelancing options like Web designing, Content Writing, Data entry, and others. This can help you in making extra money.

Earn Money Online By Online Tuitions

How Engineering Students Make Money Online While Studying?

You can teach students by giving online tuition. During the time of lockdown, people have realized the importance of online Media. It has the ways to grow and explore. Being an Engineering, there are a lot of subjects that you can teach your juniors. For example, if you are in the first year, you can teach either PCM(Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics of class XIIth ) and if you’re in the second, third, or fourth year, you can teach any of your engineering subject or any programming language.

Virtual Assistants

When you assist someone by sitting at home for the services of them. There are ways to assist in social media, HR, finance. The independent contractor is responsible for providing administrative services to clients. He executes everything virtually that means by working at their own place,  outside of the client’s office. He/she can access the documents remotely.

Video Making & Video Editing

In India, Videos are growing rapidly and getting more popular. People like seeing a video than reading data. A big percentage of the internet has gone to videos. You can explore your skills and create videos accordingly. Even these days, vlogs are also trending. This is very much demanding. Many YouTubers make their videos but they want someone to edit their videos. If you have relevant skills then you’re all set to go with your skill.

Blogging- Great way to make money online

Make money online

If you love writing, you can go for blogging. As it is easy to start, but there are lot more things that you need to learn.  You can find various job portals for blogging internships or jobs. You have to simply write a blog on a specific topic that the companies provide you. Here you need some basic information on keyword research and unique content curation.

Affiliate Marketing

When people buy something when any influencer markets the product. During this time of the pandemic, you can do an affiliate marketing of various products. Affiliate marketing is quite a popular way of making money online. For this, you need to join an affiliate program and after that, you have to choose which services need to be promoted. Now, you need an affiliate link. At last, you need to promote that link on various social media handles. If any of your followers, use that link for purchasing, then you will get a commission out of it. But one main thing is, you have a strong social media presence in that case.


Many startups, companies, businesses need interns. They regularly hire interns. You can add your profile skills and preferences and grab a suited internship for you and can earn good money out of it. You can check various platforms like Internshala, LetsIntern, etc. for grabbing internship opportunities.

Graphic designing

Many companies are hiring a graphic designer for designing their day-to-day products. If you believe that you’re good at creating designs, then you can earn money online by creating banners, infographics, posters, business cards, and so many things.

App Development

Every brand business wants their app for showcasing its goods and services. You can learn the app and after that, you can give your services to the company.

Web development

Web development is currently very trendy and also integrates app development with it. Web developers are earning pretty good money from web development. Due to digitization, everyone needs their websites, so if you have good coding skills, then you can go for website designing and development.

Content Writing

Make Money Online

Many websites need content writing. You can write in your comfort. It is user-oriented. The process of writing, editing, and planning content is called content writing. If you have a passion for writing, having good research skills, a tendency to write unique content, and ensure no grammatical errors, then content writing can do wonders for you. If you write approximately 2500 words in a day, then you can make a good amount of money online.


When fewer words are used for sending your services, then copywriting works. People are charging a high sort of money. Copywriting is the other form of writing. But yes, it can make you a good amount of money. The main purpose of copywriting is to increase brand awareness.

In copywriting, the copywriters write compelling copies so as to engage the customers. Many companies demand a copywriter for their landing pages and e-newsletters. It can help you in making a good amount of money while sitting at your place.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have discussed how engineering students earn money online while studying. I hope this article helps you a lot. In case you have any queries, kindly ask me in the comment box. Also Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for various education-related updates.


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