In this article, we are going to tell you 8 hot research domain topics in Artificial Intelligence that every student as well as professional is looking for. After completion of this article you will get a clear view about the hot topics in Artificial Intelligence. So let’s start

Artificial intelligence is changing the outlook of technology. It came and still coming up with so many commendable innovations. Students in Universities or colleges prefer to enroll themselves in these courses. The demand for skilled professionals of AI in universities is increasing by four-folds. Students these days don’t only want to learn AI but also indulging themselves in various workshops that make them true AI professionals. Post-graduate or doctorate students are selecting AI as their specialization and the students who belong to other domains or specializations are also conducting their research in this very field. Research domains in artificial intelligence provide broad topics for selection in pursuing their research work.


  1. Machine Learning
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Robotics
  4. Reinforcement Learning
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Computer Vision
  7. Recommender Systems
  8. IoT
  9. Algorithms game theory

Machine Learning

It is one of the main topics of research in artificial intelligence. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are inter-related. Artificial Intelligence makes use of machine learning algorithms and machine learning need AI principles or its working. Machine learning uses AI for making machines to learn from the past without the need of being programmed. Here machines are trained by different ML models. Machine learning involves the following algorithms.

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning

Deep Learning

Deep learning is called a subset of ML. It uses neural networks for the implementation of ML. Deep learning imitates the brain. The things which the human brain do it also work accordingly. Some tasks are performed by deep learning

  1. It helps in the image classification process.
  2. It reads handwritten content in the form of text and digits.
  3. Translation of languages.
  4. Playing computer games
  5. Monitor self-driving vehicles(cars)

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Robotics is a complete branch in itself but somewhere it finds a connection with Artificial intelligence. Robots imitate human behavior and act the same as humans this becomes possible due to AI. These robots understand humans to a great extent including human body language even their voice also. There are so many evolving robots examples such as ALEXA, Robonaut, Kismet, etc.

Reinforcement Learning

It is considered a good method as in it machines exactly learns in the same way as human beings are learning. In this, machines emphasis on trial and error approach. Here, the agent learns similar to which human learns and expects rewards in return. RL mainly focuses on the belief of the reward hypothesis. In the year 2017 Google’s AlphaGo left remarkable performance by winning from the human world champion of Go.

Natural Language Processing.

Machines these days are doing wonders. What is left that machines haven’t tried yet? The best way in which humans interact with each other is speech. Machines are not away, these days machines are also analyzing all spoken languages and respond accordingly. In NLP speech recognition, natural language translation and generation is done. These days Chatbots are gaining so much popularity as they interact with humans via textual formats and resolve their questions and queries.

Computer Vision

Object classification comes under the category of computer. Computer vision is generally that aspect of AI that allows machines to visualize the outer world. The computer vision process starts by firstly representing the colors by numbers by using HEX value after that segmentation of images is carried on. Corners are found out after corner textures are discovered in the image and after that machine makes a strong guess and last but not the least machines check suitable algorithms in its repository and identifies the correct image.

Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are those systems that work on human preferences. These systems make recommendations based on past searches done by the user. The big companies like Amazon and Netflix follow this trend very much. Recommender Systems make the use of collaborative filtering and content-based filtering.


IoT is the trendiest topic over the internet these days. It uses physical devices that are linked to each other over the internet and can transfer data over the internet. Students and researchers are conducting their research

This blog was all about  8 HOT RESEARCH DOMAINS TOPICS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Artificial intelligence includes so many fields. Students and researchers are in dire need to update themselves with the latest innovations of AI. If there is any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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