Many of us had studied physics, but how many of us know about the world’s largest sources of knowledge and education that helped in bringing physicists and shared their knowledge to the world.

This is a simple study that shows the time line form B.C to A.D and what happened during these periods and where we are in the current mark of technology.

  1. Alexandria, in Egypt is one of the world’s largest sources of education. Many astronomers, philosophers, Mathematicians and Scientists used to visit the library during 300BC to 640AD.
  2. 1687AD Sir Issac Newton publishes Principia, which describes Gravitation and The Laws of Motion.
  3. 1752AD Benjamin Franklin Flies the Kite, holding the string with an iron key and shows that lighting is a form of Electricity.
  4. 1800AD Alessandro Volta invented Electric Battery.
  5. 1851AD Lord Kelvin puts forward The Two Laws of Thermo Dynamics.
  6. 1873AD Maxwell discovered light is a form of Electro Magnetic Radiation.
  7. 1885AD Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler begin The Age of Automobiles, for their invention of The Internal Combustion Engine.
  8. 1901AD Radio waves are sent across the ocean by Marconi.
  9. 1905AD Theory of Relativity, The most revolutionary theory so far is pur forward by 26 year old Albert Einstein.
  10. 1930AD For the discovery of The Raman Effect, Chandra Sekhara Venkata Raman was awarded The Noble Prize in Physics.
  11. 1938AD The Nuclear age is born when Enrico Fermi builds The First Nuclear Reactor.
  12. 1951AD The first commercial computer was introduced and The Age of Computer begins.
  13. 1959AD The Laser was first coined in a publication by Gordon Gould.
  14. 1960AD The Laser is invented.
  15. 1969AD Mankind takes a big step and lands on The Moon.
  16. 1971AD Sand in The Computer, The silicon chip is invented.
  17. 1977AD The First personal computer is introduced by Apple.
  18. 1986AD GPS or Global Positioning System is introduced for commercial use.
  19. 1989AD enter WorldWideWeb!. It spread slowly and then goes boom.
  20. 1990AD Space is open for viewing. The Hubble space telescope becomes operational.

There are many more achievements and inventions which lead this world so far and every person cannot be an Einstein or Marconi or Tesla to invent something new but anyone can become a responsible person in continuing the pursuit of various technologies that succeeded but didn’t get importance which might change the fate of humanity. A person who stops studying is old.

Written By: G. N. L. Ravi Teja

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