Important things you should know about biennial update


As a representative of the federal government, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all freight forwarding companies, it operates to update their information every two years. Even if your company continues to operate and does not find any major changes, you still need to do this, for example, B. Terminate cross-border business in the last two years. The FMCSA cited this required update in the Department of Transportation (DOT).

What is a biennial update?

FMCSA has set a requirement for the biennial update, which requires that your MCS-150 form (also known as the road vehicle identification report) be updated every two years. Note that some states require you to renew it every year during the renewal process. Registration of truck/vehicle fleet. Even if the business information has not changed, you will need to update the form.

Don’t be fooled by the DOT biennial update scam

Operators warn of scams that require funds to send updates. Alert truck drivers of misleading and fraudulent marketing through Facebook posts. WisDOT recommends that companies and websites that require payment from drivers do not belong to U.DOT or WisDOT. Submit documents for free on the government website. The agency reported that the links and emails in the fraudulent emails led to sites that are not affiliated with U.DOT. Emails and emails also contain threats or fines for non-payment.

How do I file a biennial update?

Meeting this requirement online is the easiest, fastest and most convenient, and most popular way. If you are an independent business owner, you need to provide an employer identification number (EIN) or a social security number (SSN), a USDOT number, the company’s legal name and mailing address, and a personal identification number (PIN). You need to request a PIN on the official FMCSA website. You need to fill out one of two forms, depending on the type of trucking business you operate and the type of goods you want to transport. The first is MSC-150, also known as the road vehicle identification report, and the second is MSC-150B, also known as the combined identification and hazardous material safety authorization application.

Why is accuracy so important?

If the information is correct, it may have a negative impact on your account. Every company or freight forwarder must make a declaration every two years. In the following cases, you also need to submit a new updated MCS-150:

  • Add a new truck to your fleet
  • Change company name
  • Make other important changes to your company

Penalties for Violation:

If you fail to complete the two-year renewal in time, FMCSA will have the right to suspend the phone number assigned to you by USDOT. You may also be fined from 1,000 USD to a maximum of 10,000 USD per day. It is best to know when to renew before the end of the month and provide the necessary information to FMCSA. The renewal month corresponds to your last digit USDOT number. It’s important to keep track of when you need to update the information so you won’t be surprised.

When must I file the updates?

Therefore, the next question is when to send the update. ? When it comes to this issue, there are a few things to know.

  • The freight forwarder or IEP must submit the relevant form before taking action.
  • If business information changes (e.g. your phone number, address, number of power sources, email address, etc.)
  • According to the schedule set by the previous DOT number once every 24 months.

Now you may want to know this timetable. The last number is odd. You need to update odd-numbered years every two years. If the penultimate number is an even number, you need to update it for two years every even-numbered year. The month you must submit the update is determined by the last number of the DOT number. It is January 1, February 2, March 3, and so on, until it reaches 0, which is October. That’s how it works.

Other mandatory upgrade requirements

Even if you recently submitted a two-year report, if your organization changes significantly, you should submit another updated report to FMCSA. This can include name changes, address changes don’t risk waiting for the next biennial update. Failure to notify FMCSA of such major changes may result in fines and cancellation of your USDOT number, which does not seem to be a good thing.


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