How to access Internet when Wifi not working in Laptop


Many people face Wifi not working in the laptop due to the WiFi hardware or software related problems. As well as it is not always accessible to connect via the LAN cable. Many times people also not able to take the laptop to the service centers due to the heavy workload. At that time they look for the alternative ways to use the internet in laptop when wifi is not working. So here you will get a simple trick to access Internet when Wifi not working in Laptop. You can use this simple trick to perform your work when you don’t want to mess with the wifi driver or hardware related problems.

wifi not working in laptop access internet
How to access Internet when Wifi not working in Laptop

Required things for this setup:

  • SmartPhone
  • Data Cable
  • Laptop

Now you have to follow the steps below to access Internet when Wifi not working in Laptop:

  • Connect the Wifi in your Smartphone
  • Turn off the mobile internet in your Smartphone
  • Now Connect your Smartphone with the cable to Laptop
  • Switch to USB Tethering

Just wait for a moment and your internet is now accessible in laptop.

Here we have used the Smartphone as a mediator device and USB Cable to connect both. You can use the internet by this setup as much as time you want without losing your mobile data or calls.

Well, this is a simple trick but I recommend you to first try re installing the WiFi driver first. If your laptop’s WiFi started working by reinstallation of the driver then it will be best for you, else you can use this method to use the internet.

Sometimes, people also face a problem that the WiFi driver doesn’t get uninstalled from the control panel. If you are also facing same problem then you can perform this:

  • Download the WiFi driver from the Official website of your laptop manufacturer
  • Try installing it.
  • While installation if it shows notification for the existing files, use replace all.
  • After successful installation now there may be chances that WiFi starts working
  • Or now you can uninstall the driver easily.


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