The establishment and the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in marketing will be time-saving for companies. As it would help the employees in marketing to free themselves from repetitive and analytical tasks to focus their efficiency on more important tasks.

According to some speculations, the marketing cyborgs are coming, and some are already here. Forget the science-fiction images of your marketing robots running irrationally. But a multitude of small-time business leaders is not interested in using marketing robots just yet because of fear, expense, and the lack of expertise.

What Is A Marketing Robot?

It is not something new that robots are now being used for marketing, this technology has been in progress for years, and this has helped automate and optimize resources and measures results of various tasks. From the ability to program marketing actions we currently have, thus having the term marketing automation or robotics marketing.

However, the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) sets its standards on what establishes a robot. ISO defined an industrial robot as reprogrammable, automatically controlled that is programmable in various axes.

Marketing Jobs for Robots

In the digital perspective, machines are taking on elements of the digital marketer’s role for numerous years and this needs to be welcomed. It is the collaborative path to working with robots, in which it is a game-changer for marketing departments especially digital marketing.

Although computers eventually break, if machines start taking over the job of a human, it is highly unlikely that everyone would just take it lightly. Corporate sabotage would become increasingly common therefore humans are needed when technology fails.

Challenges With Automation And Robots

There are cons in having robots in the workplace. Robots were known once with only for manufacturing purposes but today some robots are already part of many workplaces. Now the future is more promising for the development of artificial intelligence.

Where robots increase the efficiency of many businesses, there’s also the complication of the unemployment rate being increased. As long as robots can handle the vital tasks of humans, human labor is no longer needed in many manufacturing companies and factories.

Hiring The Right Robot Handlers

Hiring people with less experience in handling robots can cause many problems such as a reduction of time to market, loss of market shares, and the lost time management.  Experts are advising that when hiring robot handlers, they have to cultivate top performers by assessing in-depth work style personality assessments.

The goal is to base the company’s hiring and management decisions on the best data that can be compiled. With data such as behavioral tendencies and best personalities when working with a robot.

The Future of Automated Marketing

The advancement of technology and its capabilities brought new meaning to marketing automation. The goal is to help businesses and marketers manage customer relationships better by automating actions such as emails, social media posts, and much more.

Against considerable benefits and potential for automating marketing tools, there are countless cases of people being unsatisfied with the current logic and features compared to the majority of the popular marketing tools.


The automation of marketing is here to reside and it will continue to be improved. The future of automated marketing is not that far to reach. Known powerful technologies such as machine learning will help businesses and marketers become more efficient.

We should never forget, however, that human interactions are the center of marketing and no robotic automation will link the gap between the client and you not unless the amusement of a person is your ultimate goal in your marketing campaigns.

From emails to contacts management, automation will be a marketer’s best friend in the upcoming years. Even with positive insights, it is still beneficial to be enthusiastic about imminent challenges that companies will be facing soon.


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