Essential Steps To Layout Perfect UI/UX For Your Website


Businesses these days need a digital presence. This can’t be possible without having a website. A website assists businesses to get discovered on the web. Moreover, it also builds online selling and purchasing processes. Many owners feel disheartened when there is not any conversion from their websites. This can happen due to several reasons. One main reason is poor UI design. Well, this article is all about designing the perfect UI for your website.

Essential steps to layout perfect UI UX for website
Essential steps to layout perfect UI UX for website

Step 1: Understand The Basics

Before designing the process, you should focus on creating a hardcore strategy. All the marketing goals are discussed in this step. Here the discussion regarding the product is done with the product manager. After that use cases and end-users are defined. A solid strategy can bring a lot of profit to your website.

Step 2: Research is The Key

When the basic steps are completed, then it is time to do research. Here the strong, as well as weak points, are discussed. It allows us to determine the basic style of the product. The emphasis should be on detailed fonts, colors, and graphics. The layout of the website is also considered in this step.

Step 3. Creating wireframes

Wireframing allows a creative appearance to the websites.  For the wireframing process, you can use a sketch editor and then make a serious design look. It is a kind of skeleton of the website, so it would be black and white.

In wireframing, you can create various things like buttons, bars, and various other elements. Here you can move further with user experience. 

 Step 4: Homepage navigation and layout building

 The homepage is the first page that your customers will see. So it is necessary to pay attention to the homepage design. It is crucial to building the homepage layout properly, after that the navigation process would be easy. The information should be distributed properly.

Step 5:- Design

Now, it is time to start designing your products. The main focus is on fonts and coloring. Here the different layouts are there that need to be experimented with.

The prototype should be tested regularly. This design step is the main one. Here you can check various things like designing according to screen size or not, whether it is loading animations or not, and various other things. Also, the focus is on whether the website design is mobile-friendly or not.

Additional website elements design

Some additional website elements should be taken care of. Animated objects can enhance the look of the website, Moreover, it has a good user experience. It increases loyalty and increases trust.

Step 6: Evaluate

In this step, evaluation is made and all the examinations regarding the website are done here. The quality assurance is done here in this step. Then usability tests are done. When your product is live, then you should deploy Google Analytics and HotJar for knowing how users are using your product.

Some Other Tips for Perfect UI/UX design

Make different elements visually distinct

The UI page should be visually distinct. It can build an engaging user experience. There should be one visually distinct page for an engaging user experience.

Some handy tips that can help you:-

  • Remember the most important page, should stand out.
  • The content of the page should be depicted.
  • Suppose your blog title is “What is the difference between Python and R”, It should have proper headings and images in it.
  • The search field should be depicted clearly and it should be on the right corner of the page.
  • The navigational tool should be handy.  
  • On the left side, social media buttons should be present. 
  • There should be a clear description of the action button.

Choosing Color Rules:-

  • There should be mute background colors.
  • CTA needs high contrast.
  • Text links should be blue
  • Red is for errors and alerts. 


A good website design works for you and your users. If you want to make money from your website, then take care of website UI/UX. So you have to be very particular and take care of some relevant tips.


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