Effective tips to write a research paper quickly


    In this article, I will give you some effective tips to write a research paper quickly (Introduction, Outline, Format, Drat etc). Writing is a blessing that not everyone possesses. To give shape to your thoughts and transform them into words is effective writing. Writing can be of various types like content writing, web content writing, article writing, blog writing, and research paper writing. The way of writing is different for different categories. Not every writing pattern is the same. Research papers are needed in dissertations.

    What is a research paper?

    The type of academic writing which involves deep research about theoretical and relevant data is called research paper writing. Research papers include a deep knowledge of some specific topics with the facts and figures explained. It possesses the arguments which are dependent on certain evidence that comes from multiple reliable sources. Is writing a research paper an easy task? What do you think?

    It is not a one day task and not the easy one. Every researcher needs to follow some strategy to pen down a research paper. Here strategies involve some specific steps that must need to follow for doing research.  Writing a research paper doesn’t mean that you have to open some papers and start copy-pasting. It involves research and analysis. You have to read several papers and then move ahead with the requisite steps.

    Research papers are a must for postgraduate and doctorate students. Maybe doctorate students have some knowledge of how to write an effective research paper but the beginner can lack the technical know-how behind it.

    Tips for Writing a Research paper

    Decide what to write

    Firstly it is most important to know what you should write in your research paper. Here I mean, which topic you’re going to choose for your research. Here topic selection doesn’t mean you have to opt for a similar topic which your friend is choosing. Think wisely and choose according to your area of interest. For example, let’s say you have decided to write on Big Data, here Big data is the broader category.

    Deep research and analysis

    When you decide your specialization in the topic then you can move ahead with the researching and analyzing process. Here you can find out some quiet place for your research. Read as more as you can. This will give you more exposure. Reading is necessary as it helps you to reach your end goal. Internet is the boon in today’s era, search on the internet what you can do in your research. I mean what has not been done by anyone else.

    Choose the Key area of the topic

    When you are done with your research and you find relevant data and statistics, you can simply choose the area on which you will be going to write. For example, your topic is Big Data and its challenges. Now you can expand your research in its challenges and how to overcome those challenges. But yes for giving your words to a research paper, you have to read a lot.

    Make your notes

    You have done the research, choose a topic, and choose a specialization area. Now, what to do? This time you have to prepare some basic steps like you have to make notes, which will be effective for you in writing in a research paper. Take printouts of previous papers, start marking important points that you can cite in your paper. Also, write the source of information. Like if you are taking any statistical data, you can mark or write the source from where you have noted it down.

    Write an outline

    Yes, it is time to pen down an outline. You have your notes, the previous, your future work information then you’re all set to go. Roughly make points which you will be including in paragraphs while writing. Like you can decide at which section you will be adding the literature overview. You can rearrange according to you.

    Work on your first draft

    When you have decided which paragraph has to place where then you simply start making your draft. Add more details to the paper. Don’t get panic, it is a simple draft only. Still, you can rearrange the paragraphs if you are not satisfied. You can create figures and tables if required.

    Write, edit and Proofread your final paper

    When you are all set with the draft work, then you can write and edit your final research paper. There you can check for grammatical mistakes. Don’t forget to add the correct source of information. Once proofread your paper as well. If everything is fine then you are all ready to go. Then finally showcase your paper to your supervisor. If he/she is happy then you can choose any reputed journal or even you send your paper in a conference too for getting it published.

    Format of the research paper

    1. Title: The beginning of the research paper is with the title of the paper. It should be written in Center and at the top in Big Fonts (Times new roman preferred by organizations).
    2. Author Names: Below the Title, in columnar fashion. If multiple authors can’t fit in columns, you can also list down Author names comma separated. There you have to mention their emails too(Although some Journals don’t want it)
    3. Abstract: This is the smallest section mostly around 70-90 words that describes the overall idea of the research paper.
    4. Introduction: It has what you have researched so far, what you are proposing.

    5. Literature Review: The previous work done on a particular topic is depicted here.

    1. Proposed System or Proposed Work: This is based on your research findings. Here you can describe what you will be proposing for the research.
    2. Conclusion and Future work (or Scope): This is the conclusion part where you can describe future work
    3. References: It is the most significant section. Here, you can mention in chronological order, with numbering, existing research paper references as well as website links.


    • Different Journals follow a different format, so you should take care of that as well.
    • Plagiarism is not tolerable in research papers.
    • The information which you are using must be cited properly for avoiding copywriting issues.
    • The figures and diagrams need citations also if any.
    • Research means to search more on a particular topic, so add your ideas.

    Wrapping it up

    In this article, I have discussed some effective tips to write a research paper quickly and accurately. I hope this article works for you. If you are facing issues in writing a research paper or you need help in Technical research paper writing, ask me freely in the comment section.


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