Microsoft has so many powerful tools . These tools are much useful in daily routine for business people, statisticians and students. These tools are very easy to use. MS Excel and MS-Access are among them. These tools are deployed for analyzing the data and for generating several reports. MS-Excel mainly deals with the working of the spreadsheets whereas the Excel deals with programming of the data. Both of these products are used for manipulation of the data. In this tutorial we will discuss the main difference between the MS-excel and Ms-Access.

What is MS-Excel?

MS-excel vs MS-access
ms excel spreadsheel

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software. It is developed by Microsoft. The main features of MS-Excel graphing tools, pivot tables, and macro-programming language.

What is MS-Access?

MS-Excel vs MS-Access
ms-access spreadsheet

It is a database management system. MS-Access is also a product of Microsoft. It is mainly deployed for reporting and analysis purposes.

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Difference between MS-Excel and MS-Access

MS-Excel vs MS-Access

RoleIts main role is to create spreadsheets and chartsIts main role is to make database applications
Storage capacityIt is simply deployed for adding data into worksheets, hence it has a less storage capacityThe main purpose here is to store data, hence its storage capacity is high
ApplicabilityStatisticians  and financial analysts make the use of itIt can be deployed by small business owners
Technical knowledgeNo technical knowledge is needed for learning thisFor accessing some special features technical knowledge is needed
Building the systemThis is quite easy hereIt is tough in MS-Access
ElementsIt has simple spreadsheetsMS-Access has forms, reports, queries and modules in it
FlexibilityMS-Excel is not as much flexible as MS-AccessIt is more flexible
PurposeUsed for data analysisDeploy for data management
Record lengthIt has a limited record lengthNo limitations here
Data loss rateThe data loss rate is highThe data loss rate is low
AutomationAutomation is done through MacrosAutomation is done through procedures
SecurityMS-Excel gives limited securityMS-Access offers high security
UsersIt does not permit multi-user to use the spreadsheet and enter as well update the dataIt allows multiple users to add as well as update the data
Data entry screensData entry screens are limited in MS-excelIt provides the capability to create multiple data entry screens which are known as forms
AvailabilityIt is available in all basic editions of Microsoft office suiteIt is available in only higher as well as professional editions
LearnabilityMS-Excel is easy to learnIt is quite difficult to learn
Data model typeIt works on the  data model of a non-relational or flat worksheetAccess works on the model of multiple relational tables and sheets
UsageHelps in data manipulationsHelps in storing the data
CreationIt helps to create the formulasIt assists in manipulations of  databases


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Microsoft has given so many wonderful products to use. MS-Excel and MS-Access are one of them. Both of them have advantages. In this tutorial, we have discussed the difference between MS-Excel and MS-Access. If you are having any doubt, ask me freely in the comment box.


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